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Saturday, May 29, 2010

that S's friend from Urban Planet
she was like a fucking 00.
no joke.
i was actually scared by how skinny she looked 0.o
i mean great thinspo.
but holy shit.
if she's not ana then i've got no fucking clue what's wrong with her body.
because it's not even naturally thin
she was like"if you touch me i'll break" skinny.
like how all the fashion models used to be (and still are sometimes)

and that Kashi protein and fibre cereal is god.

and Aquafina plus water
is like actually really good for fasting,
just a tip.

cuz they're either low-cal or 0-cal,
and the water is like kind of almost thick feeling ?
so it feels more substantial than water
second fave to Vitamin Water.