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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yes, nothing of interest to say today.
had a major blow up yesterday, don't know if i mentioned that.
wayyyy too forgetful lately. >.<
but i ended up making up with C, she was sincerely sorry.
I love her too much. >.>

Note to self ::
Apply online to places in chilliwack for the summer

found out today through random googling that
my dahlias swell more than normal lip/cheek piercings.
and the swelling can last up to two weeks.

yeaaa, that was an fml moment.
but ohwells, i made myself a bottle of salt water rinse in lieu of mouthwash for now,
and i learned chamomile will help the swelling/irritation,
and i learned that i should really be taking regular doses of ibuprofen to battle the swelling.

just when you think you knew it all =P

Don't know if i mentioned I talked to Mike Grant
(amazingly fucking amazing guy, though he has a terrible reputation around town 0.o)
who is a world-class (legit, no joke) piercer
about apprenticing. ^.^
he says he only takes people he knows will be quote unquote "fucking amazing"
(sorry felt like saying quote unquote, i know i quoted anyways haha)
and explained costs, payment, curriculum, etc.
it only made me that much more passionate.
i think/hopehopehope that he saw my passion.
i told him i'd be back in a couple months. =]

mom said i can move out when im ready.
i.e got my L, have a steady job, am graduated.
which means by January, yayyyy.
except she wants to fucking move this summer from chilliwack.
i DO NOT want a new fucking school for my last semester.

anyways, that is all.
N's birthday with C tomorrow, guess i'm going.
kind of forgiven them.
more like i've overlooked it because i love C too much.

and then sunday i return to my hoooome.
and to my not so shitty eating and exercise regime.
and i get to see BoyS on Monday ^.^

LAWL love my nickname for him ? haha. i'm so original.