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Saturday, May 15, 2010

So, because i'm ridiculous, and soo touchy lately.
S pissed me off last night.

apparently i'm still soo touchy after the C & N pre-dance incident.

so, i was watching a movie with nana and papa
(Daybreakers. not so good but ethan hawke is gorgeous.)
and when it's over i go back to my comp,
and S was messaging me, sent a video call
so we're on video call,
he's got Chessy over,
and i wouldn't have been surprised if they're high,
S keeps makig comments about Chessy being high,
but i ignore it.

then Chessy starts asking for his lighter,
and then he fucing sparks up on cam.

So yea, i clicked out of the convo.

S proceeded to message me like a billion times.
(Names have been altered. obvs. xD)

(10:33 PM)
Your Video Call has ended.
(10:33 PM) S:
(10:33 PM) S:
M ??
(10:34 PM) S:
(10:36 PM) S:
M ??
(10:36 PM) M:
hm ?
(10:36 PM) S:
whats up?
(10:37 PM) M:
nothing ?
(10:37 PM) S:
Hrmm, I missed you :( 
(10:42 PM) S:
?Whys o quiet
(10:49 PM) S:
are you mad?
(10:59 PM) S:
(11:00 PM) M:
yep what ?
(11:01 PM) S:
are you mad?
(11:01 PM) M:
why would i be mad ?
(11:02 PM) S:
youa rent tlaking at all 
(11:03 PM) S:
Baby Whast up
(11:03 PM) M:
nothing is up
(11:03 PM) S:
are you sure
(11:03 PM) M:
(11:03 PM) S:
your jsut UUBER Quiet
(11:03 PM) S:
And you closed teh cam
(11:05 PM) S:
i heart chuu
(11:09 PM) S:
why soo talktitive
(11:19 PM) S:
Why am i getting ignored?
(11:19 PM) M:
you're not getting ignored
(11:19 PM) S:
Well im liek tlaking away and your not reply 
(11:19 PM) M:
i'm just not talking
(11:20 PM) S:
Why abbe?
(11:20 PM) M:
i'm just not talking
(11:21 PM) S:
(11:22 PM) M:
i'm just not
(11:23 PM) S:
anyhitng me n Chessy did 
Cuz we think you mada t us 
(11:24 PM) M:
(11:25 PM) S:
i heart chuuuu
(12:32AM) S: babay
(12:34AM) S: baby (
(12:52AM) S: baby.
Chessys Gone.
Whats up?
(12:54AM) S: M..
(12:55AM) S: fuck realy..
(12:58AM) S: why arent yout laking, its botehring em, :(
(1:01AM) S: k.
ahve a good night
(1:21AM) S: Are you awake?
(1:21AM) S: Are you ignoring me?
(5:34AM) M : s, i went out, i wasn't at home.

Anyways, I figured you all might find that slightly entertaining.
And now my alignment is fucked up from that. 
thank you, douchebag. 

but yea, to my credit, I did leave at about 1130.
at about 11 i posted on facebook 
how i fucking wanted a smoke. 
M messages me and asks if i want one
i said of course, and he said well come have one 
i was like dude you act like we're neighbours. 
he just laughs, tells me he's coming to get me. 
i was pree shocked, because i recently found out i used to know him when i lived here last. 
and i've only seen him once, when me and him and mikki and S went to the beach, 
that was when i recognized him. 

but he talked to me on fb alot, 
and yea. 

so he came to get me, 
bought me an ice cap (shut up i didn't think about it at the time. 
i was good that day.)
gave me a smoke
and we drove to the beach and just sat on a log talking. 

it was insane. 
he's definitely easy to open up to. 
and i found out he's still the funny amazing guy i knew =P
which was good, i thought he'd grown up and mellow. 
which he is, but he's still got his fun side. 

but wow. we talked about everything. 
somehow he got me to tell him about why i moved here. 
he got me to talk to him about cutting. 
BIG wow. 
we actually talked about the mental aspect of it, 
and addictions, etc. 

after we talked until probably 2 or 230, we started playing games 
on his iphone 
and then i got up to go see the ocean, 
i wanted to see where it was. 
i'm weird about the ocean, i love it, 
so i do that often. 

so he runs over and tries to toss me in xD
so we got to fool around for a bit 
(NOT LIKE THAT i mean fuck he's hot, 
but i'm not really interested, and he's in love with 
mikki, his girlfriend. good stuff.)
and then we went to timmy's again because i had to pee xD

we sat at timmy's and played chess on his phone from 330 to 5 xD
and then he took me home, because i had an intense migraine. 

but he'd hinted about wanting to see robin hood, 
and not wanting to go alone, 
and how he was doing nothing today because it was everyone's prom 
(he wasn't going with mikki this year.)
and so when we were leaving i told him i'd go if he wanted. 
so we'll prolly go see robin hood today =P

i actually really like M, he's a great person. 
can't believe the insane talk we had. 
it was good, i haven't had that in awhile. 

of fucking course my own boyfriend can't talk to me like this. 
which is sad. i like intellectuals. 
and even i know that S is nowhere near my intellectual capacity. 
fuckk. oh dears. 

this was my super entertaining post about my actually great night 
(kind of sort of but not really)
sneaking out last night. 

so yea. 

and i did pretty good, ate little, 
and today i won't eat much either. =]