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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some really funny nice guy this morning when we were all partying after prom
decided to make me his tequila buddy
and when you mix booze with juice or strong pop,
i can't taste it.
so i drink like a tank.
and apparently we almost singlehandedly polished off
a 2'6 of jose cuervo.
nayyyyyce haha.
i'm too funny when i'm drunk, very bad.
and i was soooo drunk =P
i basically cuddled up with S though and tried not to move,
so i wouldn't majorly embarrass myself =P

did you know that embarrass has two r's ?
i'm still kind of drunk, hours later.

kay well. apparently Mikki got jealous b/c me and M were hanging out.
and sahe got all upset and started crying,
cuz apparently she can't trust M with other girls
and yea so, around 1 in the morning she called crying,
and just omg.

i ended up scratching the shit out of my wrist and opening up little parts
and it was kinda a tiny little mess haha.

aaaand S ended up seeing that later after i was trashed.
i don't really remember much,
just that he was asking what was wrong with my hand
so i was like nothinggg is wrong with my hand
and he was like no your wrist
and i was like oh.
and he said something like don't do that, i'm here for you,
why did you do that blah blah the ususal.
i dont remember exactly.
i just told him i wsa stressed out
and he told me to never get stressed out and not tell him.

i just kinda remembered that now
and i messaged him on msn saying
ohh. i'm sorry.
you saw my wrist. =/

he took awhile to answer.

sooo, i'm not counting the calories in the booze.
i bought a bag of corn chips and ate maybe like 15 chips.
so nothing major.
that was about it.

haha i'm sitting here chugging water and sunny D
cuz the sunny D was ice cold.
but it's kinda making me sick
everything feels gross thoguh xD