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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My tastebuds still want to taste.
but they're not hungry.
my body hardly feels hunger.
my mind doesn't care.

and my body fills up quickly.

i ate yogurt for breakast (80)
then hung out with S til 530,
got home at 6 and ate a scone, in lieu of a PB sandwich
and then with dinner i had another scone,
i'm saving a 1/4 for a snack in 20 minutes,
to make sure i don't get hungry/cravings at all.
that would be about (300) calories.

and then a half cup spaghetti for dinner. (250)
i was just bothered when i tried to take a bite,
so i cut it into small pieces and ate it like that
i neverrr have done that, i hated it

and i think i'm going to hate uncut spaghetti now. xD

S and I walked for probably about an hour or so today.
we just laid in the grass at the park before the beach.
here's a picture, just because it was artistic,
and because i adore him already.

He asked me why I liked him.
I asked him why birds fly. ~

(His friend asked me why i was with him,
and i couldn't give him an answer,
because there was no conscious reason.
I believe that's a good reason,
it means i didn't think to like him,
i just felt.
I didn't really say that, but i thought of it after,
and it really does explain it perfectly.)

So this morning my waist was 25 inches.
and my weight has dropped to 124.
good good good.
but we'll see after today.

i think i need to eat something super low cal,
and small, just for breakfast.
then have some sort of fat free snack after school,
and then an actual meal (yet low cal)  for dinner,
so i'm not tempted to binge at all.
i don't know how to make that work yet.

Today's Total :: 630 (approx.)

Wish me luck in losing, lovelies.
i'm hoping i go down another pound today,
if not then i hope i stay at the same for today.
i'd rather not gain again.

Starting C25K tomorrow ?
I'm not sure when. I'm weird about jogging
I don't like to think people can see me and my fat bobbing along.
it's why i never liked going to the gym.
and i'm going to start on this bum workout,
from another blog I read, don't remember your name atm sweetheart,
i'm sorry.
(You're not reading this, so it's okay.)
but you have a fantastic ass darling. <3