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Sunday, May 2, 2010

So i had to cross-reference some of the foods on the mcdonald's menu 

to count out my calories. 
mom bought me a bacon and egg bagel from mcd's this morning on the trip home, 
but i didnt have bacon on it. 
so a bacon n egg bagel is 500, 
but an egg mcmuffin is 290.
so i'm guessing my bagel was around 350 ?
i would imagine their bacon does have a shitload of fat in it. 
but balls, i wanna know for sure. =/
whatever, 350 sounds about right. 

i haven't eaten anything since. 
we went shopping when nana and papa picked me up 
i got kashi nola bars, activia yogurt, fruit cups, applesauce, green tea powder things (you know the low cal water flavourings ?)
andd my gum which i've been out of for a week. 
i can't remember if i picked up anything else, 
other than a can of brown beans in maple syrup xD

augh fuck. i looked riiight at the maple syrup 
and i thought .. i could get this, and ask nana if she has lemon juice. 
but then she'd probably get worried, figure it out, etc. 
likewise to my temptation to grab the skinny cow fudgecicles. 
i guess i'll make due with small amounts of ice cream for now, 
until i can go shopping alone. 
then i'll get lemon juice, cayenne, maple syrup, and laxies. 
haha yayyy, better be soon. 

i finally got a travel cup mug thingie mabob biznatch from starbucks 
cuz i'm tired of not getting to drink my coffee in the morning haha
and i've got my pink sparkly water bottle ^.^

soos, i'm back home meow. 
and i'll get to restrict better, and work out too. 
when i don't feel sick and sore x.x 

i get to see BoyS tomorrow =D
sooo excited, he's so fucking adorable. 
and please, self, don't suddenly decide you don't like him anymore. 
at least wait until you're moving. 
like seriously. 
its only two more months.