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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've been thinking of coming back for awhile now.
i don't know how consistent i can be,
because i don't know if my new phone will be able to access blogs on here.
hopefully it can =P

I'm moving in with mom in Mission,
i'm only here to pack.
we won't have any internet for awhile,
until we get one of those internet stick thingies.
but we should have internet in october.
and i'm getting a new celly phone with some kind of internet access when i get back.

i broke up with S.
it hurt,
i've invested so much of myself in that relationship,
i just wish i could've given him all the love he deserved.
i just didn't have that for him.

i'm still about 125,
but i just looked at a picture of myself in a dress i thought i looked skinny in
and eww xD
my ass is huge,
and i have a bit of a tummy =P

so i have some to lose.

i guess im going to start watching what i eat again,
and i'm going to start excercising more.
while i'm in Mission,
before we get internet,
i'll have nothing to do but school, read, write, and jog.
which is fine by me of course. =P
hopefully i'll make friends there but we'll see =/

i'm (hopefully) going to a college,
to start hairdressing and finish my grade 12.
i'm excited.

hopefully things turn out better.
i haven't cut in almost two months i think.
and Dee threw out my razor,
i'm almost 100% sure.
she was in my trailer while i was visiting mom,
and she put everything in boxes.

i have to put it in suitcases to move it xD

Expect comments from me on all your blogs again tonight ? =]
I missed you all.
I'm sorry.

Pictures of me at the wedding ?


thinner, but i've got a ways to go. 
wish me luck ladies. 
and all my heart is with you, 
even when my words aren't.