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Updaates ?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm 123 now I thinks.
God I need a super accurate scale.
i hate this one xD

When I woke up this morning,
first thing I realized was that my stomach was, in fact, concave.
and my hips and ribs were sticking out.
and when i stand up my hipbones are more prominent than before
and my collarbones stand out

AND AND my ribs are visible now just standing,
and when i move you can see them pretty clearly.


and my muffintop area is smaller by a bit =]
thighs maybe by a bit too.

now it's the dreaded weekend, and i'm nervous.
so we'll see if i can start the C25K today ?

and I'm going to town to get some damn SUNSCREEN
cuz i have a mega crazy burn i didn't expect at all
from hanging with S yesterday =[

we went to see Iron Man 2, it was amazingg.
and we went to a carnival haha and i showed him up by going on the rides
haha but by the end it wasn't that bad i could watch.
I told him I have the brains and the balls in the relationship =P
he agrees haha.

Also, when I first got to school yesterday morning,
he was with his friends in the art courtyard,
so he told me to meet him there.
when I walked in everyone was drawing,
but they all looked up and S's jaw just dropped xD
He's like "You look hot !"
everyone else looks at me and goes ... "You're S's girlfriend ?
How are you dating him again ?"
S just says "... You're my girlfriend ?" haha he's great.

I was just wearing this cute clingy sweater
(which looks way better now btw ;D)
and my jean skirt,
with my Ed Hardy glad sandals.
but I didn't look too shabby =P

haha random comment,
I found it funny that when we were sitting on the bus and I was talking about something,
I was in the middle of saying something important,
and he just started kissing my neck (which he does alot, just cutely)
and i just started getting quieter and trailing off without realizing till I was like ...
What was I talking about now ?

haha he's adorable.
and I actually kissed HIM today, a first for us.
I'm tooo shy normally.
haha i grabbed his chin and kissed him just before I got on the ride,
he was like "That was unexpected." hahaha win.

when did my report on weightloss turn into a gushy section ?!!

I have been walking alot every day
and (my bum feels bony again while i'm sitting,
THAT'S been awhile too.)
and i'm eating under 800 for sure every day,
i eat under 600 even if i think i binge
and i can eat as low as 200 without feeling hungry =P
so long as i'm occupied.
so it all works out.

and my nana went garage-saling this morning and got me some stuff
two cute black dresses (one is a medium i know,
i tried it on and it doesn't fit. =D i used to be a medium fersure.)
and an old perfume bottle (my obsession, with the tasseled squeeze pumps ? =D)
and a liz claiborn purse.
i loveeee itttttt.

kay kay.
i'm updating my measurements & weight, so myeaahhh here we goooo.

love you all, good luck on the weekend.