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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I want to cry.
omg that must have been sooo stupid,
i didn't really think anything of it.

i mean, i ate a piece of freaking toast today.
so when mom got home and said i'm not cooking, let's get burgers
i said sure, eager to get out of the house.

we went to triple o's.
i'm scared to look at how much the burger was,
but we got poutine instead of fries, and a regular poutine is 490 calories
of which i probably ate 450 calories.
thank god i didn't eat the last bit.
although i can't really know how much of the percentage i didn't eat.
i just took off 40 in a guess.

i'm looking now.

the spicy crispy chicken whatever thing was
omg i'm gonna throw uppp.
679 calories.

in total, one meal,
i ate like 1130 calories.

thank fucking god i didn't eat earlier.
but i'm sooo pissed, i was doing good =[

whatever, going home tomorrow.
no more bingeing, and eating disgusting fatty foods.
i get to pick my shit meow.
i'm defffs going shopping with nana and papa next time they go.

salad stuff, apples, low fat yogurt, tofu, kashi nola bars, and low fat cereal.
that's fucking it.
and some fucking rice crackers or something,
because sometimes i just need to chew something. =S