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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just ate 1200 calories worth of junk food.

kay. stayed home through my first two blocks today,
because i'm fucking sick.
i ate a pear cut into slices for breakfast.

got home, made a wrap with fake ham, cheese, peppers, lettuce.
not bad, no.

then i ate about 6 cookies, which amounts to ...
about 540 calories.

and an applesauce cuz i wanted something cold.
that's 80.

and then papa goes to the store, so i go with him.
and i'm like fuck it, i binged today,
so i'll just go all out so that i can get all my cravings out and i can start fresh tomorrow.

since i ate a bag of cheesies (460 calories), an after eight bar (230.), and a reese cups thing (260.)
and a haagen-dazs  ice cream bar (300.) in 2 hours,
i now feel disgusting, i was forcing myself to eat all of it,
i want to puke,
my tongue hurts from all the sugar,
and none of it tasted good.
REMEMBER THIS. xD i think i won't like any of this anymore though so YAY

btw. when i'm sick, i get all hyper-y every once in awhile
and just random and funny and OMG crazy hah
plus the sugar.
tehehehe. >.> xD

myeah. it's bad right meow.

so i've eaten like.
prlly about1500 calories today.
holy fucking christ.

hopefully i don't gain.

but whatever,
tomorrow i'm starting, im going to make up my own meal plan tonight.
and i think i'm gonna try to faaast.
and actually work out =P


fuck i'm a retard when i'm sick.