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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

breakfast :: 80 calories for fat-free strawberry activia yogurt

lunch :: 1/4 cup mushroom soup. & stoned wheat thin
70 calories.

dinner :: 150 for corn on the cob.
100 for some spaghetti.
I only ate because both nana and papa looked at me
and asked if i was going to eat.

half a bottle of Aquafina plus+
2 cups of black coffee, 1 sugar

Total for today ?
400 calories.

and again, me and S walked for hours.
then I jogged for a couple minutes (from the office to home)
after we cleaned the office.
so that's enough to counter everything.

i just finished eating and it's  7:20,
so i won't be hungry until after 8,
and i won't eat after then.

Goood day =]