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Monday, May 10, 2010

- i used to feel like i was a completely different person every day
i worried i had split personality disorder, it got so bad
i'm glad they've all blended now,
because it feels like i'm just me.

- i guess it's kind of strange the things i count as "safe" foods,
that i don't even bother counting calories for.
like low-cal juices, they're only 5 for a whole glass, why count ?
it's empty calories.
and vegetables ? fuck it, they're veggies, they're healthy nutritious shit
so don't count it, because they're good calories.
but god forbid you should ignore the calories in chocolate.

- my black night the other night has brought on a gray week apparently
because i know i'm excited for things, or i'm happy about things,
but i feel them detached, as through a fog.
hence the gray.

- I'm doing well today, i suppose.
my new diet plan is as follows ::

Breakfast, yogurt (80) & coffee (black 1 sugar)

Lunch, after school, piece of cut up fruit or salad,
something with virtually no calories.

Dinner, something higher calorie with protein,
so i feel fuller. (e.g tonight's dindin of tofu stirfry n rice.
in small portions, obvs.)
( (150) rice, (100) tofu, veggies, (75) seasonings)

- I'm reaaally craving a jog, i want to go soo badd
but i'm worried if i do i'm gonna like collapse on the highway.
kay, that's an exaggeration, i'm not that weak
but fuckkk i hurt yesterday.
we'll see, i guess i've pree much already decided to go for a jog when i'm done typing xD

- maybe i should post my tips for weightloss
it's more effective than the normal starve/fast-binge-purge-binge-gain routine most people go through