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Monday, May 31, 2010

I've shoved my stiletto up the ass of the stupid bitch in my head
telling me that if i fast i'll fail.

i'm joining Hungry For Change, run by the lovely Adeline and a girl named Madz
i'm not sure i'm familiar with her =P

but anyways,
everyone's fasting for a certain purpose.
against physical abuse, against racism,
or for peace, or in my case love.
it starts tomorrow.

i'm trying a liquid fast for 7 days.
and i will do it.
my goal is to make it 3 days.
but i figure if i make it over the 3 day hump,
it should be easy cruising ?

i'm fasting for Love.
love of oneself, and love for others.

just because what better cause to support than love.

expect many more blogs.
and i'll be carrying around a fucking notebook to distract me xD
i'm not going to let my cravings get the better of me.

I texted Winnie to see if she'd get me smokes
but she hasn't answered back. x.x

i might just give up and text buddy in another day.
i want my fucking cancer sticks,
so shut the fuck up.

wow, belated nic-out rages much ?

you should all join tonight.

wish me luck,
i could really use it.