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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have this huge huge huge MASSIVE fucking crush on
Taylor Momsen.
weird for me, since i never crush on celebrities.
but FUCK sexy voice, gorgeous features, perfect body, amazing hair.

haha anyways, as well as my crush,
i kinda idolize her =P
she's my thinspiration mainly.
and i just adore her style.

but myeahh so anyways
my extensions should be coming this week.
andd i used a colour remover to get the pink out of my hair,
and i used a dream blonde to even it all out and make it platinum
so i now have smexxyyy platinum blonde hair.

and i did the whole black eyes thing,
(i used to do it alot when my hair was black, 
looks way better with blonde hair)
and red lipstick, because i LOVE LOVE LOVE
have alllways loved red lipstick.
and i was wearing my zebra trip cutoff shorts,
and black tights
and my tan and black plaid shirt/dress,
and i had my hair all pulled forward and shagged
and i knew i already looked like taylor momsen on accident xD
but when i was in the movie theater with m,
after the movie i went to the bathroom,
and i walked in and stopped at the mirror
and it was like taylor momsen was looking back at me xD
not in a creepy way,
i looked enough like me to not look like i was copying her
i just felt like really hot haha
because even my legs looked thinner.
so yea, that was interesting.

not that i want to be like another Taylor Momsen.
but i loved all the elements of her look seperately before she was ever famous
so i guess it just works that way now xD

but yea.
i'm stoked to finally be Taylor Momsen skinny.
i'm cloooose.
though maybe i'll go just a tad under her.