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Saturday, June 12, 2010

"And maybe I was afraid of the intimacy, the exposure, the vulnerability. Or it may have been what so many eating-disordered women report: a fear of having their bodies seen as being excessive, having their faces show response, having their voices leap out, unbidden, uncontrolled, having their passion diverted from it's chose focus-death-into something more frightening still: life."

This is very true.
i agree with all of this completely,
though i suppose i don't see myself as being focussed on death.
I don't see a purpose to die when there are so many things left to achieve.

I am reading Wasted.
Sadly enough,
she wrote that book to turn people off of anorexia, bulimia, eating disorders,
yet her book appears to be a bible in our circle.

Poor Marya.

though the book is not done yet.

It is quite interesting.


PollyDolly said...

ironic, eh? she relapsed at least once after writing it.

i basically read every single ana book i can find and when they start talking too much about recovery i stop. i'm sure they would all be happy to hear that! haha

amazing book though

raiinbowAna said...

phew i thought i was the only one 0.o

i have a physical inability to leave a book unfinished, no matter how terrible, and i remember every book i've been forced to leave unfinished in the last 5 years =P

but whenever they go into they're talks of the merits of recovery, i just want to put the book away !