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MeBeautiful ?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Well, omg.
one of my favourite bloggers FreakShizz from Take Me Down To The Paradise City
gave me the Beautiful Blogger award.
And omg i was shockeddd
i'm still accepting the fact that i've got 9 followers =P

but i am soooo sooo loving you for this dollface.,
thank you thank you =]

jeepers, this thing was more work than i thought !
but alrighty,
here we go,
7 things you probably didn't know about me.

there are so many things i could tell xD

  1. I have an obsession with notebooks. It started when i was very very young, I don't even remember when. I just get this euphoric rush when i write on the first page of a new notebook. All crisp and clean and beautiful and just waiting. And I love all the covers, and types of pages. I've had many over the years. =P
  2. I'm like a magpie, I get told this all the time. I will literally stop in midsentence to take off in the opposite direction to go and pet a pretty thing. Especially if it's sparkly. Oooo sparklyyy ... 
  3. I write everything in cursive. I hate writing in printing, drives me nuts. And I dot all my j's, i's, and punctuate with hearts =P
  4. I have been journalling since I was 4. I write poetry and stories, and I was published in a book when I entered a contest in grade 5.
  5. I'm a perfectionist, and i'm quite sure i'm somewhat obsessive compulsive. If i see something that isn't perfectly straight or parallel or even or whatever, like a picture, i'll run over to fix it. And I twitch when people move it back to piss me off. I'm also obsessive over other people's writing styles, pronunciation, and grammar.
  6. A couple months ago my mom got a plastic ring out of a gumball machine. I wore it one day just to wear some jewelry, and it just became a part of my daily wardrobe. The day I don't wear it, will be a bad day. The day I put it on with the lettering facing away from me, I expect that to be a terrible day as well. It's bright blue, and in yellow lettering it says "Live", and it just became my daily reminder to keep living.
  7. I love to be spontaneous, and do silly or outrageous things just to say i've done them. I detest planning, i loooathe planning. When you plan something, it never lives up to it's expectations, or things get changed, and i just want to do it RIGHT FUCKING MEOW ! I want to do it when I got the urge, not later on. =P

my bloggers that I think deserve this lovely award.
One of my first choices was Cat,
but she's had it before and FreakShizz gave it to her too anyways =P

I picked 13 bloggers,
because they are my absolute favourites,
and 13 is my favourite number.

Your blog,
even just to look at,
is sooo gorgeous.
You are a complete bombshell,
you're an amazing person,
you write comletely tear-provokingly beautifully,
and your inside is as stunning as your outside.
You're the package deal,
and the most gorgeous woman, hun.

You were one of my early favourites.
I like how you keep things simple,
and you are so bold about everything.
I envy you your gorgeous body and your model looks.
And come on,
you are just amazing to have gone from 145 or however much you were
to 118 where you are now.

You sound so cute and fun !
I'm so sorry you have all the issues you're going through,
I really wish i could be there for you when you need someone.
and jesus girl,
you weigh like 10 pounds less than me !

You are such a sweet woman.
But on the other hand you have your ferocious wild side,
and you aren't afraid of it.
I love that !
you're so honest,
and I like your courageous attitude.

You are such a sweet girl.
You sound like you're a total riot to party with as well =P
I would love to get to know you better,
and I love reading your blog.

You were honestly the first blog I ever followed.
That was awhile back.
You were what got me back into losing weight,
and caring more about my body.
And ohmygod,
your writing is simply amazing.
I found it interesting
that we went through the same childhood intelligence thing =P
you're an amazingly strong person and I adore you and your writing.

Your blog is sooo ....
I love how your posts are so cryptic.
They keep me on my toes,
always wondering if there's some hidden message,
some step i'm missing in understanding some of your posts.
But they're all amazing,
I adore them and you.

les jeune fille a les oiseaux
Your posts are beautiful,
to the point.
I love the pictures you choose,
and I enjoy your blog immensely.

Afternoon Tea
Your writing is just gorgeous.
You make me want to sit on a veranda in white wicker chairs
looking over the properties at a willow tree,
sipping expensive teas from bone china,
and discussing beautiful poetry.

Your posts are amazing.
I can't go a day without hearing from you,
seeing your inspiring and touching writing.

You have been on hiatus for exams,
I believe.
I miss you !
You with your beautiful face,
beautiful body,
and wonderful stories.
Come back soon lovely. =]

I met you on PrettyThin !
You're a total sweetheart,
and your resolve is amazing.
I love hearing the stories of your life,
and I never tire of grinning whenever i read "quorn sausages".
Don't ask why,
i'm not quite sure.
I think it's the combination of the strange word,
and sausages,
tickling at my immaturity =P
good luck with losing that last bit,
and keep being amazing.

Oh god !
sooo much more work than i thought
Now it's 2 in the morning.
i'll notify all you lovely ladies that I tagged you on the morrow.

for now,
im going to try and get some beauty sleep.
Lord knows I need it. =P


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I feel so honoured! I love you darling, you know it's true, thankyou so much for nominating me, and for your wonderfully kind words.

You're such a special chooky (and a particular favourite of mine),
Adeline xx

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

you are too sweet! thank you so much. I love that you included a little note under everyone. you seem so kind :) and very adorable!

xEllex said...

Yay you fixed your comments! Finally! Thank you so much for the award you sweetie <3 and....



raiinbowAna said...

Aweh, Adeline you're one of my faavourites, as i said =P

and thank you, oiseaux =]
you seem so amazing haha.

i misseded you lovely !
and i never knew you meant my comments were fucked up D= haha