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I want nothing more than to be that sexy, moody, artistic waif, lounging in a coffeeshop writing poetry, existing off of black coffee and cigarettes.

Oh, DidIMention ?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

That purple and black paisley halter i put on today
the totally gorgeous one
that makes me look even thinner ?

it's a size small.

it's too big. =]

yea, it keeps sliding down my back.

when nana goes to bed and i head over to my place,
i'll post a webbycam picture,
and my full stats.



FreakShizz said...

HI :)
I love your blog! I'd like to give you the beautiful blogger award! Its on my blog

raiinbowAna said...

thank you soo much ! i'm totally flattered dollfayce =]