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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yeap, it's here and in full hormonal raging force

gahh i'm so grouchy
everything is pissing me off
and then i just want to cry because i don't want to be pissed xD

i worked everything out with my nana and papa
and now i basically have no curfew so long as i call =]


my mommy told me i'm grown up =]

when i called her she was talking to me about alot
and she was saying that i'm their granddaughter,
they just have a hard time seeing me so grown up so they can't accept it
she said that it took me moving away and then coming back to visit
for her to see that i am grown up.
she said that in 6 months,
i'll be moved out and a full fledged adult

i think that just made me cry so much harder xD
because iduhno
it was so sweet.