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Thursday, June 10, 2010

- I keep making food and not eating it.
Or taking a bite and throwing it out.
Good, but i feel like a wasteful bitch.

- I'm too touchy lately.
I think the more i'm in pain the more of a bitch i am.

- Got my tongue pierced today.
The swelling is a bitch.
I'm popping ibuprofen like they're candy.

- Saw some gorgeous slouchy ankle boots today
40 bucks
red leather
in a second hand shop.
except they're 8 1/2 - 9.
i'm gonna have to try them on but WANT WANT WANT

- babysat today and made 47$

- had somewhat of a fever today while babysitting.
chills, overheated, shaking, swollen glands, fevery-skin, and emotionalness

yeaa even now alittle bit
i think it's coming from the swelling of my tongue.
but i keep like randomly cryingggg
haha half cuz of the pain,
half cuz of .. iduhno the pain ? xD

- S is pissed at me
cuz i kinda jokingly then seriously got pissed at him
he said something like "for the next 10 days fifa is going to be better than sex"
and so i closed the cam to be pissed off =P
except i didn't leave it at a joke
i continued to be pissed off.

i've been doing this too much lately.
now he's mad at me i can tell.
but i'm mad at him just because i'm grouchy,
i guess.

aughh i just want to sit down and cry my fucking face off.
as you can see my emotions are all over the place today.

augh fuck S no please just don't talk to me
because then i'll flip out or whatever.
i don't know.

least i was 124 again today.
or 123, can't tell exactly.
stupid analog scales.