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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I measured the things i'm watching closer
my hipbones/muffintop area : 33"
waist : 25"
hips : 37"

so i have to lose 4" off my hips,
2 off my waist,
and my hipbone area can just slim down however flatteringly. xD

but i discovered
i fit into a size 3 now =]
albeit i'm on the 3/5 end more so
but in 3 pounds when i reach 120
i'll be exactly a 3 perfectlyy =D
but i still fit a 3,
just .. tighter haha.
BUT point is that i finally fit my old 3 jeans again !
so i figured i'd update and post some shotty webbycam pics haha

that's standing feet shoulder-width apart.

ribs are shadows of what's to come.

thighs don't touch when i walk anymore. 
though barely.

spine is becoming visible slowlyy

slimming down.

the last picture is just to show my collarbones, 
and my developing xylophone =]

swear to god though i'm skinnier in the morning 

i love how amazing you feel when you haven't eaten for hours though
so thin and powerful and perfect =]
that's what keeps me from eating. <3

anyways there's my oh so attractiveness =P

haha but whatever. 
i'm only 1 size away from my tentative goal 
and 2 sizes from my ultimately perfect goal. 

so excited =]
hopefully i come back from a week in Chilli. 115 pounds =]
although as long as i get to 117 i'll be satisfied for that week. 

keep going girlies. 
perfection and happiness is just a breath away. 

when i get to my tentative goal i'll post good-quality pictures.
and my perfection goal i'll do model-y pictures. 


Anonymous said...

You look so good :) And I love your collar bones.
Hope you have nice time in Chilli.
Take care.

Lindsay said...

im jelous of your thighs x

raiinbowAna said...

thanks youu =]

and oh dear hun don't be
i swear these jeans just pull them in and make them smaller
they totally look much less desirable without them =P

PollyDolly said...

you have such a teensy waist! i love your proportions. im pretty sure that even if i were skeletal, i would not have a waist :(

keep going, youre doing amazing!

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the superb work!

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