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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alright i'm going to try desperately to latch back onto a thought that barely passed through my mind
but is amaziing

we want results RIGHT NOW.
or it feels like a failure.
and day to day it is such a pain,
such a struggle,
and the end seems so far away.

think about when you were (are ?) in high school
or elementary school
every day seems like such a struggle
you learn something new,
you have more tests, surprise quizzes,
and after a longgg long time,
you accomplish what you set out to do in the first place

but you couldn't have just passed the year right on the first day
you needed every day to teach you,
teach you how, and why,
teach you tricks, make you develop aiding habits.
and in the end, you look back and realize where it was so hard working through it,
it is amazingly simple,
a normal part of life now.

That is ana.
if you lost all the weight in one day,
you wouldnt learn,
you wouldn't know inherently,
and be able to without thinking maintain your new body
after a time, restricting, exercising,
it becomes habit,
everyday routine.
so once youve reached your goal,
youll have picked up all of this,
and you can keep the weight you want.

Patience is a necessary evil.