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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nana's making homemade bread rolls.
they smell sooo good.
but i looked it up online
(Google <3)
and i'm scared, cuz they're like 100+ calories for one fucking roll.
and i'd have to have it with butter, of course.

Kill me now.

Legs are still sore from workout the other day.
couldnt get up early enough to work out this morning,
but we cleaned the office today,
so that's a 40 minute workout fersure =P

I actually didn't eat much today.
1/2 cup cereal in the morning.
boiled egg w. 2 pickles and 4 green olives
and then i've been chewing gum and drinking water.
after we did the office, i really felt no hunger
i just felt good from all the exercise =P

i don't know what i'm eating for dinner.
i know i've eaten so little today i don't have to worry.
but i don't feel like eating, tbh.
there's nothing i want to eat,
and anything i might make ...
the calories just scare me today.
even 70 sounds like a scary number.

at least i've only eaten ...
hay, google says a hard-boiled egg is 76 calories.
fuck me.
how many calories are in salt ?
cuz i can't stop with the salt. =P

so yea, i've eaten 220 calories total today,
and it's 621 pm.
don't know what dinner will have in store for me,
but if i can get away with it,
i don't feel like eating anything at all.

why are all my blogs so long ?
I think it's my spacing & sentence structure.
at the end of most every sentence
or in the middle of long sentences
i have to put he next part down on the next line =P
it's like this obsessive thing when i blog.
so i guess that's why my blogs are so long =P
they're really not much longer than others.

i was gonna hang with S during the middle of the day
my coffeeshop time
i was so excited =[
i don't want another thursday

oh thank god, much better than i feared.
had a roll & spaghetti
the roll was prolly about 100 cals,
the spaghetti (as said by google)
should have been about 250 calories.
thank fucking jesus.

Today's calorie intake :: 570
-workout. =176
oh that's kinda weak.
but i still ate wayy under my limit ! =D