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I want nothing more than to be that sexy, moody, artistic waif, lounging in a coffeeshop writing poetry, existing off of black coffee and cigarettes.

AlrightAlriight !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iduhn even know what to say.
Don't have much time to chatter today,
but nonetheless, chatter I shall !

repetitive zombie apocolypse nightmares.
and fears.
can't sleep cuz i'm scared zombies will start beating down the windows.
when i do sleep,
there are zombies anyways.
lose/lose situation ?
i thought so.
thinking of buying a damn crystal,
and i took a sleeping pill last night,
which helped a bit.

am I crazy ?
quite definitely.
last time I had paranoia this bad,
only thing that got me through was late night phone calls,
and being read fairy tales by my bro =[
which of course I can't have this time.
whenever I couldn't talk to him,
only way i could sleep was when the sun rose,
or when mom got up for work.
sometimes I needed both.
oh insomnia, you aren't very welcome here.

Not to mention I'm already tired almost 24/7,
i'm getting fucking sick of it,
so angreh.

computer still isn't ficed gawdfackindemnit.

can't wait to see S.
haha cuz i can't type his name repetitively.

i'm sorry i've been gone so long,
i really did miss ALL of you.
no time to catch up right now,
but especially to Adeline,
i see you have yourself a man, some confidence,
and of course your already gorgeous persona. ;D

i hope I didn't worry any of you ?
i shouldn't think so, I'm pretty sure I had a goodbye post.
but i'm back meowww !

wrote a poem i like.
i think i'll post that.

ttfn !